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b l o g s


f r o m    - j e n   m a c k i n t o s h

Anna Vance Homeschool Planner | Review...

↑ ↑   an in depth review of our planner including a pen test!


f r o m    - k e r i    b o t c h

Both Family Homeschool Curriculum Reveal for 2020/2021

↑ ↑   a glimpse of how Keri is using our homeschool planner for her upcoming school year

o n    Y o u T u b e


f r o m    -   a n n a v a n c e

Homeschool Planner | Plan with me...

↑ ↑  my own youtube channel where I shared part one and two of my planning steps. remainder of videos will go up as I find time. (:


f r o m    -     r o o t e d i n r e s t

2020-2021 Teacher and Student Planner Unboxing...

↑ ↑  a flip through of our Charlotte Mason Homeschoom Planner and Companion Planner
↑ ↑  how Abby used our magnetic bookmarks in this creative way
f r o m    -    a n n i e   s m i t h
↑ ↑  check out the resources we sent Annie to try this school year
f r o m     -   s h a s t a
↑ ↑  a flip through of our homeschool planner
f r o m     -   j a c k i 
↑ ↑  she features our daily rhythm PDF in this fun video
o n   I N S T A G R A M
the following are some accounts on instagram that have a saved highlight sharing some planning/journaling inspiration with our products

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