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Our story


AnnaVancePaperCo is a handmade Minnesota home based business run by Anna & Mathew (with occasional help from little hands).

Hello, I'm Anna. I'm just a mom navigating this thing called life through journaling, planning, and intentional living. What started as a crafting hobby that stemmed from my love of stationery and need to dwell in the Lord through journaling has grown into our humble little business.

Now run by my husband Mathew and I, we are passionate about keeping this home business running using quality American made materials and putting intentionality first, so because of this, I encourage you to contact me to help determine if a product is right for you.

Above all, we want the business to always glorify the ultimate Creator and Maker of the world. (Genesis 1:1)

If you've shopped with us before, we thank you and hope you'll continue on this journey of purposeful living with us. If you're new here, we hope you'll stick around and feel inspired


Meet Anna

I am passionate about pursuing my savior, Jesus Christ, home educating, intentional living and leading a purposeful life. Here you'll find things that are the product of those pursuits. Most importantly, I truly hope to provide you with products that will aid in your pursuit of the Lord.

Everything I create, we either currently use, have used, or will use...
The Lord instilled in me, a strong conviction to only create things I or someone in our family will actually use. For this reason, you will only find products in my shop that we either currently use, will use, or have used in the past. If you haven't already, find us on Instagram where I (attempt) to share the use of our products.

My testimony...
Because I am passionate about sharing my intentional living journey, I felt it fitting to be transparent about my testimony because it is part of the Anna Vance Paper Co story.

I was born in the Philippines and came to America when I was a child. I would say my childhood was full of so much sadness but this beautiful sadness was necessary to make every part of our lives possible today.

I was born to a severely physically/emotionally abusive & dignity stealing father.  Although I found Jesus as a young teen, later in life, I'd come to devalue my life and marry at a young age for all the wrong reasons. This broken marriage (full of infidelity that constantly left me feeling less than, emotional/physical abuse and everything you would not want for your own daughter) however, produced the most life changing bundle of joy. My daughter. She changed everything. God allowed a sad and very broken young woman like me to have a beautiful (in every way) daughter that changed my life for the better.

Fast forward to when life began to make sense... a divorce, remarriage and birth of our son later... Here I am. My husband, Mathew, a soft hearted, patient, God fearing man aided in my healing and continues to do so all. the. time. He saw through my brokenness and kept uttering the words, "You have so much love to give and I see it," even when I didn't believe those words and felt so unworthy and undeserving of anything good.

A few years after being married to the man I am convinced God made 100% just for me, I felt a constant urge to pursue a home business. Partially because I was attempting to prove myself capable of doing more than just the stereotypical 'woman stuff' like being a mother and wife (a lie that was the result of years of abuse and tearing down since my childhood because women reading this, everything God has called you to do is enough and it is Him you need approval from, not the world).

My selfish passion for pursuing and growing a home business was met with many failed attempts and an accidental but not so accidental birth of Anna Vance Paper Co.

The Lord created beauty from the ashes I had to offer.

"To provide for those who bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes." Isaiah 61:3

My hope in sharing my testimony is to encourage the one with broken wings to take flight, the bruised and battered to find healing through Him, the lost and fearful to find the courage to pursue Gods' story for you.

If you are in the midst of abuse, please, seek help. If you feel unsafe, there are many, many options for you. You don't have to live in constant fear and darkness. Even if you are bound by marriage, this is not what God wanted for you. Just like me, God can create beauty from your ashes.


My love for all things spreadsheets...
When I was a little girl, I enjoyed watching my mother (who was an accountant) create spreadsheets for our home. Though pinball, mine sweeper and solitaire were fun ways to use the computer, I spent countless hours creating spreadsheets of my pretend future life on Excel.

Fast forward to motherhood and preschool days with my daughter; I began making spreadsheets for a personal planner, home organizing, record keeping, curriculum creating and everything I could think of.

Years later, God put it in my heart to pursue a home business. After much trial and error, Anna Vance Paper Co was born by God's grace.


Thank you for sticking around and I hope you caught a glimpse of the inspiration and fuel behind Anna Vance Paper Co.



I am living a life that has been far from perfect, but I am thankfully saved by Grace. Jesus Christ gave His life for me and for you. We are all daughters and sons of a wonderful King, and He makes our business possible. With humility, we give all of the glory to our Father in heaven.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16